Meet the collaborative songwriting effort of two brothers.

Currently based out of Chicago and New Orleans, Ben and Scott Cunningham grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. They love alt-country, the key of G, acoustic guitars, fishing, Jesus, and the world he created. For the past six years running, together they write and record songs about these things, calling this effort The Olive Tree.

Ben and Scott’s music is dimensional and full within the familiar forms of folk and Americana. Their songs meet you at the pace of a lesson learned, with a cup of black coffee and space at the table. Come and leave humming.

Their full discography is available to download at: http://theolivetree.bandcamp.com/.


“The brothers Cunningham (aka the Olive Tree) write and play neo-folk songs that are saturated with all the “big themes.”  Lyrics and compelling melodies of love, yearning, redemption, God & nature are all delivered within the context of their sparse, acoustic interplay. Ben & Scott both have their own particular writing styles, which keep their work always interesting.  In the over-stocked pond of Americana wannabees here are two young writers with much to say and a good way of saying it.” –Bill Mallonee, former front man of the Vigilantes of Love, voted #65 in PASTE’s “100 Greatest Living Songwriters Poll”.

“‘Come join me out on the porch / Read me a psalm or two / I got the chords, if you got words, baby we can sing.’ So begins this gem of an album from Memphis-bred brothers Ben and Scott Cunningham, aka The Olive Tree, who invite you to hang out on the porch and listen to their stories, as they describe it, of ‘revelation, romance, beauty, idols, motorcycles, feasts, famine, highways, friends, sin, pride, redemption, steel guitars, work, lack of work, water, faith, doubt, and faith.’” – 4 Stars - Excellent Christianity Today

“It’s basically two brothers, their acoustic guitars, and the occasional percussion. And that’s all you need for great music when you’re a great songwriter. Our Desert Ways makes the case that The Olive Tree has two great songwriters on their hands…” –Top Ten Albums of 2012, Aaron Bumgarner, author of Coulda Been A Contender.